Schubert Music Records

Indie Soul.

Major Vision.

Where Music Never Sleeps

Record label specialising in alternative pop and electronic music from the UK, North America and the Nordics.

Unique Records is a label focused on the development of quality songs and songwriters in (mainly but not exclusively) Funk, Soul & Dance and Electronic music of any kind.

A new sexy, fresh and creative Dance label offering international credibility alongside innovation and fun vibes…

Musik in Deinen Ohren

LMK Jam unites the freshest Trap, Rap and Hip Hop Acts from the US, Europe and all over the world to create a unique blend of contemporary urban sounds.

Costa Futuro is a record label and development platform for Latin American music projects based in Barcelona.

Freakwave is the new label for contemporary Post-Punk and Cold Wave — run by people who know their shit.

SMILE is an international recording, licensing and marketing company for various kinds of music from Indie via Pop/Rock to World Music.

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